Why FitLife Cruise?

FitLife Cruise with the idea of making the fun aspect of crossfit and general fitness more prevalent. This is not just another event; this is taking fun and fitness to another level by making the fun factor just as or even more important than the competition. Whether you choose to go all out and compete or just dip you toes in and try an event or two, or just be a spectator, you will enjoy a level of fun that is unprecedented in our community.

Why we are different

FitLife Cruise wanted to bring together athletes both elite and novice, to enjoy competition while having the opportunity to promote health, passion, resilience, camaraderie, sacrifice, charity and of course have lots of fun. Taking crossfit to new frontiers by not just limiting ourselves to land but also taking it on the water aboard the Norwegian Sky. From the moment you step aboard you’ll see that the Norwegian sky offers something for everyone, including seven events that will keep the athletes on their toes. From seminars to beach workouts and social events, this will create the atmosphere for all to show their love and commitment to health and fitness while having a blast.

In the true spirit of the functional fitness community, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to The Vetlete Program. We at Vetlete believe that by building a community through functional tactical fitness enhances the ability for Military Veterans to transition into civilian life and improve their overall health and wellness. We have empirically driven data to support this belief.

We understand what it’s like to deploy, to be in the line of fire, or be IN a fire. We know what it’s like to hang that uniform up permanently.

We believe that a common prescription for fitness is the optimal way to train for anything life throws at you. In the Military, LE and Firefighter professions we have even more specific areas to train with this prescription. We modify it to read: constantly varied tactical movements performed at high intensity. Exercises like buddy carries, dummy drags, sprinting with ammo cans, working out with plate carriers or fire gear… these are all areas necessary to help maintain a high level of readiness to perform your duties. We can help you achieve that. FOR FREE.

We believe it is our duty to do so.