The 2016 Fit Life Triathalon


For the first time in the history of Fit Life Cruise experience, we will be offering a sprint distance triathlon in Nassau, Bahamas for the 2016 Fit Life Cruise. We have partnered with Full Circle Coaching, one of South Florida’s largest and most internationally distinguished race coordinators. Together we will be offering not only the Fit Life Cruise experience of Functional Fitness, educational opportunities and social events, we will be giving athletes the option to participate in this historic opportunity! This event is geared towards the Functional Fitness athlete who wishes to experience a triathlon for the first time, or improve their experience and athleticism within a triathlon event, as well as the intermediate to experienced Triathlete. Click below to sign up now!

Over the past few years, in high level Functional Fitness competitions, we have see the emergence of triathlon events. A sprint/distance triathlon is great introduction for the novice triathlete to get their feet wet, pun intended, in triathlon racing. If you have been participating in Functional Fitness for more than 6 months, you should not find Triathlete competitions much harder than the typical “Hero WOD.” Sprint/Distance triathlons vary from race to race, but for the most part, the following in an approximation of what you would experience.

– 1/4 Mile Swim (400 m)
– 10 Mile Bike (16 k)
– 3.1 Mile Run (5 k)

Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers in their respective classes. There is an additional $150 fee to participate in the Fit Life Tri, which covers your registration, fee for checking your bicycle on the ship, and transport to and from the race site.

Full Circle Coaching will be offering a pre-race briefing Friday night, location on ship TBA.

Full Circle Coaching will be offering a transition to Triathlon racing seminar to all Fit Life Cruise participants. Availability will be space limited.